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The Beauty and vibrancy of Africa is in the people, food, music, culture and spirit of the continent and the diaspora. We aim to cultivate a love and appreciation of African culture and pride through our arts-based and cultural programming. From Caribbean cultural events, to African cultural shows and celebrations, our arts programs showcase the best of the African diaspora.


"The Youth Can Walk Faster, but the Elder Knows The Road."
African proverb
ANCHOR supports seniors in all stages of aging to maintain a high quality of life. Our continuum of culturally-appropriate services foster seniors’ social connections, enhance their sense of belonging, and address their unique needs as they age so that they can remain active and healthy.


The family is the heart of every community and the focus of all we do. When you build strong families, you build great communities. Our programs and services seek to inform and support families. We know the unique challenges Black families face, and by providing resources and culturally-appropriate wrap around services, we strengthen families to thrive and succeed.


The social determinants of health show that Black people are disproportionately facing health disparities across the country. We foster the health and wellness of individuals and families across all life stages. Our services enhance awareness and understanding of various health topics, as well as bridge communities to key resources and services. Black Canadians represent 2.9% of the overall Canadian population, but represent 18% of Canadians living in poverty in Canada. (Statistics Canada, 2009). Our strategic goal for 2021/2022 is to operate a Black Health Cultural Hub in York Region in partnership with health agencies and Black health organizations.


The achievement gap is a problem not only for African-Canadian students, their families and communities; it affects the well-being of the entire country. Researchers have found that “the persistence of the educational achievement gap imposed on the Black community is the economic equivalent of a permanent national recession” (McKinsey & Company 2009, 6).

Past and present economic and social conditions are at the root of the achievement gap. We advocate for Black families and their children to receive a quality education free of anti-Black racism and discrimination. This includes everything from hiring practices, curriculum resources, policy changes, school namings, teacher education and Board management.