Educators, parents work

Educators, parents work to embed the Black experience into school curriculum

Racism is awful here

Racism is awful here’: York Region Children’s Aid Society workers, community members speak about troubling allegations surrounding the agency

York Region school board to revisit school

Ahead of a Wednesday town hall on the renaming of Vaughan secondary — and as the York board revisits its naming policy — students say they feel like their opinions don’t matter.

Province to provide planning tool,

The Ontario government is introducing a new tool for school boards and making available $1.43 million in programs

What’s In a Name-Change?

Shernett Martin says her latest impetus for activism came with the murder of George Floyd, who died last May with the knee of a Minneapolis police officer on his neck.

Does Georgina have a racial problem?

There are two stories being told about the small lakeside town of Georgina, where a high school was thrown into the spotlight this week after a video emerged of a racially charged schoolyard beating.

Racial incidents ignored by York board,

A teacher who warned the class to check their bags after a black student went into a change room alone, saying he didn’t trust the teen not to steal.

York Region's Black leaders, allies call for sweeping police reforms

York Region’s Black community leaders are calling for sweeping reforms to local policing, after the May 25 death of African-American man George Floyd while in police custody 

'I get nightmares': How racial violence in high schools

E.H., a teen in York Region north of Toronto who had to leave his high school because of racist taunts and violent attacks, shoots hoops to take his mind off his tormentors

Vaughan named the August holiday after a slaveowner

Vaughan is being forced to confront its past, grappling with the legacy of the man who gave the city its name — a slave owner who actively fought against the abolition of slavery.

Ontario's new Grade 9 math curriculum ends streaming

In its first major overhaul since 2005, Ontario’s Grade 9 math curriculum will be destreamed and modernized to include lessons on coding, data and financial literacy, the provincial government has announced. 

Dispute over renaming a Vaughan school after Somali

A survey found a plurality of York Region community members favoured renaming Vaughan Secondary after late journalist Hodan Nalayeh. But a trustee questioning those results is provoking anger.

Slave owner’s name gets dropped from Vaughan Secondary School

It’s another blow to the legacy of Benjamin Vaughan.
This week York Region District School Board trustees unanimously voted to rename Vaughan Secondary School